NEW – See Him Face to Face Songbook


Behold the power of his word
He spoke – creation came to be
I will trust his promise
He hung the stars – a guarantee
His word is strong enough for me
I will trust his promise

Generations rise, generations fall
But his word is living
And his word is sure
Evermore, evermore, evermore

There is salvation in his word
His voice has called us from the grave
I will trust his promise
We are surrounded by his grace
Here in the midst of those he’s saved
I will trust his promise

Generations rise…

Our eyes have seen
Our ears have heard
We are a witness to
The power of your word

So we will tell
Your promises are good
In Jesus Christ we have
Your every word fulfilled

Generations rise…

Words and music: © 2015 Michael Morrow

Hear your people proclaim
We all long for your name
in this city to be praised, today

Bind the brokenhearted
Set the captives free
Release those bound in darkness, today

Jesus, worthy of all praise
Fill this city with your name
Send your Spirit to revive this place
Father who delights to save
Fill the heavens with your praise
Raise an anthem to your endless grace

Rescue your lost children
Bring your healing to this place
Redeeming ev’ry tongue and race, today

Jesus, worthy of all praise…

Hear your people proclaim
We all long for your name
in this city to be praised, today

Jesus, worthy of all praise…

Words and music: © 2016 Mike Brooks

O Love that will not let me go
I rest my weary soul in thee
I give you back the life I owe
That in your ocean depths its flow
May richer, fuller be

Carry me
You carry me
For I am weak
And you know my need

O Joy that still seeks me through pain
I cannot close my heart to thee
I trace the rainbow through the rain
And feel the promise is not vain
That I shall tearless be

Carry me…

O Cross that always lifts my head
O Saviour, I will find you there, oh
Here at your feet
I lay my glory in the dust
And from the ground
Even as I wait
Springs endless life

Carry me…

Original words: George Matheson (1842-1906)
New words & music: © 2016 Jared Fortune

O my soul the sorrows you bear
Teach you to wait
For the age that is coming
No more fear, darkness or pain
Death is conquered and Jesus will reign
See his wounds, healing the broken

O my soul
Long for the day
When you see him face to face
See the scars the nails have made
As he wipes your tears away

O church, lift up your gaze
All you who dwell
In the shadow of darkness
Set your eyes on glory to come
Know that Jesus has already won
See his wounds, the promise of heaven

O church
Long for the day
When you see him face to face
See the scars the nails have made
As he wipes your tears away

We cry ‘Come Lord Jesus, come!’

O my soul…

He will wipe your tears away

Words and music:
© 2016 Ben Slee & Michael Morrow

Sing unto the Lord
All you who know his love
He never fails us; he never fails us
For his anger lasts only a moment, but
Oh, his favour, it lasts a lifetime

Though we may weep in the night
There’s joy in the morning

Praise the Lord
Praise him, my soul
Praise him with all that is in me
For grace never ending
My soul: sing to the Lord
Lord, I will praise you forever
How faithful you’ve been, always

Unto you I called
And, Lord, you heard my cry
Out of the darkness
My God has saved me
When you hid your face
I nearly lost my way
Till you surrounded my life with mercy

Though we may weep in the night
There’s joy in the morning

Praise the Lord…

Words and music: © 2016 Michael Morrow

If I have fled to Jesus
Found refuge in his care
What enemy can breach these walls
And turn my joy to fear?
Has he not promised good to me?
Will then his promise fail?
Will he prove absent-minded
And my enemy prevail?

If all things hold together
In Jesus Christ, the Son
Sustained by his almighty word
That cannot be undone
If even sparrows catch his eye
Why should I doubt my place?
Why should I stop to question
If he holds me in his grace?

If God appoints his blessing
To fall on rebel ground
His sun to shine and rain to fall
Where thanks are never found
If even my ungrateful heart
He sought and reconciled
Why doubt he will embrace me
Now that he has called me ‘child’?

If Jesus’ blood is precious
God’s treasured, only Son
Yet God allowed that blood to flow
Till all his wrath was done
If on the cross I see such love
How can I be unsure?
What else could he be planning
But to love forevermore?

Words and music: © 2014 Michael Morrow

You were rich beyond compare
The heavens were your throne
With angels singing glory to you
Yet you gave it all for us
You took the lonely cross
You came to bring the poor back to you
Oh this love has a grip on my soul
It’s the beat of my heart

We give our lives away
We give it all to you
For you have shown us mercy
To bring you glory
We give you every day
And everything we do
Cause we have all we need in you

Heaven shouts, ‘You are the Lord’
Creation stands in awe
The mighty oceans bow down to you
Yet you walked the dusty ground You fed the hungry crowd
You loved to lift the weak up to you
Oh this love has a grip on my soul
It’s the beat of my heart

We give our lives away…

This kindness lives in me
The love of Christ compels me
Come, make me more like you
Come, make me more like you
Your Spirit within me
The love of Christ compels me
Come, make me love like you do

We give our lives away…

Words and music: © 2013 Michael Morrow

I was blinded by the darkness
Till you opened up my eyes to see your face
Now I’m walking in your glory
Knowing freedom’s found within your grace

I was crippled by a burden
Till you came and lifted it from off my head
Now I’m resting in your favour
Knowing, Jesus, you have paid my debt

Now I’m free
You’ve rescued me
I’m free from the debt of sin and decay
Forever free
You’ve washed me clean
Releasing the chains of guilt and shame
Now and always
Christ you’ve captured me

When the shame of sin’s a burden
Jesus come and be the lifter of my head
Show I’m standing in your presence
Give me confidence you’ve paid my debt

Now I’m free…

Now I am free
I am free to proclaim
You died for me
I will not be ashamed

Now I’m free…

Words & Music: © 2012 Mike Brooks

Through all life’s sorrows and despairs
I will not be moved
When facing death I need not fear
I have this hope secured

Because Christ died at Calvary
Sin has on me no claim
Because he overcame the grave
With him I will be raised

Where, O grave, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?
Eternity is won for me
By heaven’s eternal King

On that glorious final day
I will not sleep or fade
But gazing on his nail-pierced hands
I’ll instantly be changed

Where, O grave, is your victory?

Robed with immortality
Before his throne we’ll sing
At last reflecting perfectly
The glory of our King

Where, O grave, is your victory?

Words & Music: © 2013 Ben Slee

This life I live is not my own
For my Redeemer paid the price
He took it to be his alone
To be his treasure and his prize
The things of earth I leave behind
To live in worship of my King
His is the right to rule my life
Mine is the joy to live for him

I died to sin upon the cross
I’m bound to Jesus in his death
The old is gone and now I must
Rely on him for every breath
With every footstep that I tread
What mysteries he has in store
I cannot know what lies ahead
But know that he has gone before

There is a voice that pierced the grave
A power that rolled the stone away
A sound of life, I know I’m saved
The voice of God has called my name
So I will rise, and in the air
Behold the glory of the King
I will not fear to meet him there
I know my life is hid with him

Words and music: © 2009 Michael Morrow

Out of the whirlwind God can speak
When we’re searching
For what this pain all means
Though we’re uncertain of God’s schemes
May we not curse him
But instead to see he’s

Keeping promises to never leave
Or forsake us, Lord, make us believe
Forgive our unbelief
You keep your promises to never leave
Or forsake us, Lord, make us believe
He answers unbelief

Were you there at the start?
Have you walked in the deep?
Did you establish the stars?
Did you close in the sea?

Can you enlighten the heart?
Is the sky in your reach?
Did you put light in the dark?
Are you equal with me?

Words & Music: © 2016 Jared Fortune

How firm a foundation
You saints of the Lord
Is laid for your faith in his excellent word
What more can he say than to you he has said?
To all who to Jesus for refuge have fled

I have found my foundation
He stands by every promise he’s made
Faithful God, never changing
I will stand on the promise of your word

What no eye has seen
And no mind has conceived
The promise of glory that Christ is in me
So speak of my Saviour
My Shepherd, my Lord
His likeness within me
Grows strong by his word

I have found my foundation…

The soul that on Jesus has come to rely
They cry out for mercy – he will not deny
That soul, though all hell should endeavour to shake
He’ll never, no never, no never forsake

I have found my foundation…

Original words: Richard Keen (c. 1787)
New words & music: © 2016 Michael Morrow

Before the sun was given fire
And the moon was given grace
Before the earth was flung in orbit
And stars were set ablaze
Before it all began
There was the Word
Stepped into his own creation
Full of grace

The Word became flesh
A light in the dark
The glorious Son
Made his dwelling with us
And the power of darkness could not overcome
Cause he is the light
Jesus, the light of the world

The Son of God became a man
And the world was filled with light
He healed the sick, he raised the dead
And the blind he gave their sight
Who can deny that all he said was good?
God has come and lived among us
Full of grace

The Word became flesh…

Where do you find the love of God
In a world that’s lost its way?
Where do you find eternal life
In the shadow of the grave?
There is a light for all the world to see
God has come
And hope is with us
Amazing grace

The Word became flesh…

Words & Music:
© 2016 Rohit Trivedi & Michael Morrow