Streatham and Streatham Hill

Streatham Central Church

  Sundays at 3.30pm
  The Wellfield Centre, 16 Wellfield Road SW16 2BP.

We’re here in Streatham for Streatham because we’re convinced that Jesus brings ‘life to the full.’

We’re excited to share God’s love with each other as He shows it to us.

We all live here already and have realised there are loads of great reasons to start a new Bible-teaching church in the centre of Streatham. That’s not because other churches aren’t doing a great job, they are! It’s because there are still tens of thousands of people in Streatham who don’t realise that following Jesus is ‘life to the full’, and we want to be a church for them.

We meet in The Wellfield Centre on Sunday afternoons at 3.30pm. The service time lasts until about 5pm and then we all hang around for conversation, food and refreshments. Come as you are!