See yourself as God sees you

How am I meant to feel as a Christian?

You can go to an evangelical church on a Sunday and be told: "Christian, you are loved by God, no matter what you've done. God could not love you more than he does." You can go to another evangelical church and be told: "You're a wretched sinner". The emphasis can feel very different, and yet both churches are teaching truth.

Holding both truths together in balance can be tricky but it's essential for healthy Christian living. Overemphasising one at the expense of the other causes all sorts of problems.

Perfect Sinners will help us keep the balance, as we distinguish between our "status" before God and our "walk" with him.

'This is a thoroughly helpful book by a pastor who loves people and spends a lot of time listening to them and hearing the questions they actually ask (which are not always the questions we pastors want them to ask!). Matt Fuller engages the reader with a light touch and earthy pastoral realism, behind which lie a clear theological mind and careful study.'

Christopher Ash - Writer-in-Residence at Tyndale House and Ministry Trainer at St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge


'Reading “Perfect Sinners” brought so much joy to my soul. It’s not only Biblically rich and beautifully written with quite brilliant stories and illustrations. It addresses supremely important questions that members of our congregations often ask about salvation in Christ: questions about God’s love and our failure, about justification and transformation, about guilt and assurance, about falling away and discipline. This is not just a heart-warming read—Matt has given us a really important book which clarifies the nature of saving faith in simple language for a new generation—I absolutely love it!'

Richard Coekin - Senior Pastor of Dundonald Church and Executive Director of Co-Mission

'Glorious gospel truths of identity, value and assurance are readily and happily affirmed and believed by Christians. However, in the face of our own failings, struggles and doubts, the reality of a personal joy and confidence in these truths can often be absent. Matt Fuller tackles these issues in some depth with a warm and sympathetic pastor's heart. Here's a book that will benefit Christians, whatever our stage of following Christ. No quick fixes. Instead, a thoroughgoing biblical call to persevering faith and trust in Christ, and a developing grasp of what it means to be accepted in the Beloved.'

Trevor Archer - London Director FIEC

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