Co-Mission is a church-planting movement that God has been growing in London since 2005 united by Christ’s compassion
for people who need saving.

We’re named after Jesus’ great commission to make disciples of all nations. And we believe the best we way we can do this in London is by planting churches.

We are made up of individual churches multiplying a ministry DNA that is serious about Biblical training, diverse in culture, and pioneering in mission

Our churches are inter-dependent, committed to generous practical co-operation to help reach London with the good news of God’s grace – because we’re convinced we can do more together than we can on our own

Co-Mission is made up of “reformed evangelical” churches that share a passion – for planting, for London, for Christ –  for the salvation of many and the glory of God


We’re united by a passion to obey the “great commission” of Jesus, our living Lord and loving Saviour, to make disciples of all nations for him, here in London.

We’re working together with other evangelical churches to reach the unreached for Jesus by prayerfully and boldly trying to plant and establish reformed evangelical churches in London.

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Co-Mission has been training men and women in Gospel ministry for over 18 years and the opportunities for training have never been stronger or more diverse.


London needs hundreds of new gospel churches if the millions of unbelievers from the different communities of this city are to be saved from hell for heaven.


Our churches provide prayer and financial support and co-operation in regional mission activities, as well as sharing our in-service training for ministry trainees, pastors and evangelists. We share musicians, children’s teams and resources of every kind.

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Co-Mission churches vary hugely in culture, but we all proclaim the same joyful message that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour.

Our young workers congregations in Mayfair and on the Southbank are inevitably very different to our suburban congregations in Earlsfield and Walton. Our Korean and Afro-Caribbean congregations in Stoneleigh and Brixton are very different to our urban estate congregations in Battersea and Croydon. We delight in this cultural diversity.

But all our churches delight to proclaim the Gospel of The Bible – that Jesus is Christ our Lord, who came as our king, died for our sins, rose to rule and will return to judge.

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