Co-Mission Clubhouse

Monday 24 April 2017 | 7.30 – 9.30pm

The first of a series of events planned to help Co-Mission people and their churches to be more effective in reaching out to sportspeople in their networks and communities.

This is an evening for anyone involved in any way with the World of Sport – whether you are competing regularly for a club, playing socially with friends, exercising at the local gym or supporting family from the touchline.

If that describes you then come to the Co-Mission Clubhouse on Monday 24 April and find out more about God’s plan to use you and your passion for sport to say something about Jesus to those who don’t yet know him.

At Co-Mission Clubhouse we’ll be thinking through:

  1. How we can support and encourage one another in our World of Sport as churches
  2. How we can take the next step in saying something about Jesus as individuals

The format of the evening will include a mix of teaching from the front (vision, principles, action) and group discussion (ideally in church-based groups to enable ideas-sharing, team-building etc among our churches) with plenty of time for prayer as well.

7.30pm – Kick off
9.30pm – Final Whistle

Christchurch Mayfair, Down Street, London W1J 7AN

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